Am I using the Atom in correct way

I am trying to create a custom node as a link card. Initially, there will be a placeholder button, and on clicking it, it will set a data attribute (‘data-id’). Using that attribute, we will get the data from the backend and populate it.

The node specification has the following properties:

name: 'linkCard'
group: 'block'
atom: true
draggable: true

The ‘atom’ property is set to true because there is no editable field in this node. However, when I console.log the node in node.spec, I am not getting the ‘draggable’ property at all. But when I add the content:"block*", it works as expected. Can you please let me know if I am missing something?

PS: I am using tiptap as wysiwyg editor and trying to create a custom node and rendering the view in react.

atom does nothing for nodes without content—those are implicitly atoms. I’m not sure what you mean by “when I console.log the node in node.spec”. The spec is the object you passed in (unless Tiptap somehow mangled it) when defining the node.

Thank you so much for replying @marijn. In the case of this node, using the id I am getting an image link and description and I am rendering out these 2 things that are not editable but there is an option to card update the attribute value. So in this scenario, how we can handle content and group type ?