Backspace, enter and delete not working?


The backspace, enter and delete keys seem to not work properly in my editor. It is the most basic possible editor. That is, no plugins, just roughly speaking the code that is in the “setting up an editor” documentation. I tried to figure out if the events for these keys were somehow caught by my own code, but this seems not the case. I’ve created a simple contentEditable div next to the editor, and this div seems to accept the keys normally. So something is going on.

Now, I did see the discussion on “enter, backspace and delete” here on the forum (from november 2015), so I suspect these keys have special status and they need special treatment. But this is not clear from the documentation, unless I’m missing something.

So I’m hoping that someone here can help me figure out the problem, or point me in the right direction.

By the way, I’m using Chromium, and freshly installed npm prosemirror modules (fresh meaning today).


Read the basic guide, and things will hopefully explain themselves.

Yes, sorry. I was expecting too much too soon from the basic editor example.

Yes, keys don’t work as “expected”, can’t make bold or italics by key command. But if I hold CTRL and hammer U and I simultaneously (don’t ask me how I came up with that), the selected text sometimes alternates between italics. Underline does not happen.

Also, for me, backspace, delete and enter works.

Any comment?