[Collab] Is there a way to override rebaseSteps method?

In some special cases, when receiveTransactions is called, I just want to undo current unconfirmed steps and apply only the new steps that came from server. I don’t want collab to merge unconfirmed steps with new ones the way it does. I would like to create a transaction to apply the unconfirmed changes in my own way.

I saw that the steps are merged in rebaseSteps method. Is there a way to override the rebaseSteps method (https://github.com/ProseMirror/prosemirror-collab/blob/237315d8d17b07435fde817a49820342dd67475c/src/collab.js#L14) to merge the steps in my own way?


No, not really, but it might be possible to write your own variant of receiveTransaction that behaves the way you want (though be warned, the stuff it does gets a little subtle)