Custom handleKeyDown event not fired from table view

We have two events - mousedown and keydown event written for a custom table view. Idea is to open up a popup with some options for a given cell on mousedown or keydown events. We also have these standard plugins - tableEditing, columnResizing and keyMap for tab and shift+tab used for this view. Mousedown event is getting fired as expected, but the keydown seems to be hijacked by the plugins / editHandlers and not coming back to the tableView to fire the event we wrote. Made sure that stopEvent is not called. Is there anything we may be missing here? Spent a lot of time so far on this. Any suggestion is much appreciated.

If a higher-priority plugin (or a node view) handles a given event, it won’t be passed to any further handlers. So maybe the solution is to move your plugin higher up in the array of plugins, so that it gets a chance to look at this event before the table plugins handle it.

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