Customizable .ProseMirror-content CSS className

Can we make the className ProseMirror-content configurable at ProseMirror initialization ?

My use case: I have a js-based CSS injector (jss) which creates dynamically stylesheets and adds its own endings to user defined class names. I want to use this for any ProseMirror CSS customization as well, but just a simple remove / add classname hack after ProseMirror initialization did not work, because ProseMirror-content is hard coded at dompos.js (and maybe at other places)

You can use the class prop to add a class to the wrapper <div>. Does that help or do you need to be able to set the class of the content element? (I’m still considering whether the wrapper can be dropped altogether, at which point there’d only be the content element.)

thanks. I does not really help, because by customizing the wrapper div, I have to use even more nested CSS selectors (which don’t play well with CSS injector I am using), but I figured out, I can work around it. If the wrapper can be dropped altogether, that would be fine as well.