DecorationSet.empty is not working on style decoration

Hi, I am trying to use DecorationSet to add some style to node, like

cost decos = [Decoration.node(from, to, { style:"color: red;"})];
const applyData = { deco: DecorationSet.create(view.state.doc, decos) };
const tr =, applyData);

Then I use DecorationSet.empty to remove DecorationSet and I find the node style value is still have "color: red;"

Is there any way to bring the style back before set decoration or force the node render again ?


How do you do this and what does your plugin do, exactly? Minimal self-contained example code would be useful.

Hi, my plugin is very simple

const plugin = new Plugin({
  state: {
    init(config, instance) {
      return { deco: DecorationSet.empty };
  apply(tr, value, oldState, newState) {
    const data = tr.getMeta(this);
      if (data) {
        return data;
      return value;
  props: {
    decorations(state) {
      return this.getState(state).deco;

and I use dispatch(, { deco: DecorationSet.empty })); to remove the Decoration

That’s probably issue #676, which is fixed in the current master branch.

That’s true, Thanks