Disappearing caret

I have a bug I see very occasionally where the blinking caret disappears. Everything seems to work as normal, as if the caret were there, you just can’t see it. The only way to get it back that I’ve found it to reload the page. So far I have no idea how to replicate it and no idea how to even start debugging it. Any suggestions much appreciated!

I’ve only seen it on Chrome - just because that’s my default dev browser.

We have seen browser bugs like this before, but without a reliable way to reproduce it it’ll be hard to figure out which circumstances cause it, report the issue to Chrome, and/or find a kludge that works around it.

I just want to contribute here that display: flex can also make your caret disappear when applied to an empty block that only includes <br class="ProseMirror-trailingBreak" />. And also flex-box will collapse all containing text nodes that contain whitespace into 0-sized mystery elements when surrounded with <span> nodes eg marks. Oh humanity.

Just realized, over half a year later, that the reason the caret disappeared with display: flex (or grid) was that the block node collapsed to 0 width and the caret needs its parent to have width. Adding min-width: 1px; to the parent node (eg <p>) would again display it.