Editability of nodes with shadowRoot attached

When using shadow dom v1, what’s displayed in the navigator is the shadowRoot, not the actual childNodes of a DOM Node.

However, it is that content that ought to be editable, not the shadowRoot content. Will prosemirror eventually offer a way to deal with that ?

What do you mean by ‘the navigator’?

The chrome browser :slight_smile:, or other browsers using shadydom (or its fork, cloudydom) polyfill.

So you are adding custom elements to your editable content? I have no idea how that should work, to be honest. There’s only so much ProseMirror can do to patch up browsers’ editing behavior, so this might just be something that you’ll have to avoid.

Well, i was just testing to see what happens with custom elements and shadow dom. There might be some way to deal with that, though, but it would be application dependent.