Editor plugins not applied to custom node view?

In this codesandbox, i’m passing the baseKeymap to the editor. Outside the node related to the custom view , the backspace and the Suppr key both work fine but not inside the the custom node. So these commands are not working in the input displayed on the top inside the editor. Global plugins aren’t they supposed to be applied to the whole editor including custom nodes ?!

Key handlers (and many other event handlers) won’t respond to events not addressed directly to the editor. In this case, the focus is in a separate <input> element, not the editor’s own editable element.

thanks for the confirmation

but if it doesn’t respond, i wonder why it blocks the input’s native events and reactions such as for the backspace and SUPPR keys

Oh, I see, there’s no node view, you just serialize the node to an <input> element. That’s not really supported. What are you trying to do? If the user can just enter a title there, using any block tag other than <input> should work fine. If you want to embed a field with custom behavior, define a node view and use its stopEvent method to control which events the editor may handle.

well, i tried with a h1 and div blocks but i had the error i just mentionned in my previous question. But i still have to serialize them too as the toDom alone doesn’t update the dom attributes (as in another previous question). I ll try again after i ll update the prosmirror version and using stopEvent

Here i tried it in this codesandbox now i have a nodeview that returns a h1. I’m not getting any error anymore on mousedown over that nodeview but events (keydown, blur, input…) aren’t detected when editing in the h1. What i did wrong ?!