Export Document for Readers but with minor editing capabilities

Hi all,

this might be a very stupid question, but I could not find any resources on that topic.

TLDR; How to publish a document in a way that it is still minor editable by the user

Its very well documented how to use the editor, but if I want to create a viewable document, (for distribution to users for example) there are nearly no resources (or at least I could not find them).

I have found that exporting the prosemirror state as html should work, but thats a little bit unflexible IMHO.

What I want:

Publish the document anyhow, but the user should be able to do at least highlighting and that stuff.

So my question is, how prosemirror is intended to be used, if exporting as HTML is the default way or if I just should use the prosemirror state and make it readonly…

Furthermore: if the document changes, is there any way to check if annotations on the userside are still valid? (If they would be in the document but invisible they would be deleted if the editor changes something, but if I have like 10k Users there could be potentially 200k hidden annotations in one document. So thats not the way to go I guess)

Thanks in advance!