Firefox on FoxNews

I see some issues today on FoxNews comment box where the spaces are being removed when you enter in some text. When looking at my browser console I see a message about ProseMirror. All is fine in Chrome. Also happens on an older machine and that older Firefox I fired up today to test. Is there a hack or some browser setting to correct?

Thanks, Rick

browser warning is ProseMirror expects the CSS white-space property to be set, preferably to ‘pre-wrap’. It is recommended to load style/prosemirror.css from the prosemirror-view package.

Fox being too incompetent to integrate the library is very on-brand. I don’t know about any way in which Firefox versions would influence the way CSS white-space is applied, but who knows what they are doing. My suggestion would be to visit a different website to work around the issue.

prosemirror-view 1.27.1 (2022-08-16)#### Bug fixes

Fix a bug in that could cause invalid mapping when step maps contain multiple replaced ranges.

Make sure that when the editor receives focus via tab or calling .focus() on its DOM element, the existing selection is restored.

Avoid collapsing of whitespace in Firefox when the editor doesn’t have white-space set to pre-wrap.

More than likely it’s your release. Sure more than Foz has a problem with prosemirror

I experienced the same issue on Firefox in my project, but it’s actually a problem with how I set up the whitespacing in my CSS–it’s not something that Prosemirror can solve without loading the prosemirror.css. I also needed to make sure I didn’t set white-space: initial or something on my elements.

Perhaps they just aren’t testing their website in Firefox. Pretty frustrating, but nothing that Prosemirror can do to solve, because it’s affecting the HTML DOM Contenteditable built into the browser (aside from print the error that you’re seeing that’s meant for their devs to see so they know how to fix on their end).