GapCursor within list_item not working as expected

I’m not sure if this is a bug but it seems like it. If I have a structure like:


–para “abc”



–para “def”

So it looks like this:


If I select the hr and press down arrow, instead of putting a gapcursor after the hr to be able to append to the blocks of the 1st listitem, the caret is before the “def”. In debugging it, it seems like it gets here but closedAfter returns false and it just bails. I’m guessing I’m just going to have to handle keydown and manually create a gapcursor for such scenarios but figured I’d ask. In theory I would think the gapcursor should be created since typing after the hr (within the 1st listitem) and typing at the beginning of the 2nd listitem are not the same action as might be the case with some other scenarios.

Hmm. I guess it’d probably be annoying to have to arrow down twice to move to the next line and similar on the way back up from the 2nd listitem so probably best to leave it the way it is.

Right, this is intentional. If there’s a textblock on either side of a position, it’s not considered a place that needs a gap cursor.