Getting and modifying the ProseMirror instance

Hi there,

We are developing a Chrome extension for a specific need, that loads some jQuery and AngularJS logic. The extension aims to modify the content of a prosemirror editor loaded on the page, more precisely the react implementation of ProseMirror (the @atlaskit/editor).

My JS code runs in the context of the page, allowing me to access all the JS scopes and the DOM, but I don’t find a way to get the ProseMirror’s instance so I can use the states logic or other solution, to properly modify the content. Currently, I’m pointing directly to the DOM element of the editor content, I can apply simple editing operations like $('.ProseMirror my_selector').html('...') or $('.ProseMirror my_selector').addClass('...'), but the modification of the DOM is simply rejected. Or may be is there is another easy way to modify the Editor content ?

Thank you in advance for your precious help.

This does not exist—if the code that created the instance isn’t sharing it with you, there’s no way to access it.

Hi meyer,

Did you find any way to do what you wanted? I’m facing the same exact challenge and kinda stuck with it :frowning:

Any help is appreciated!