HandleClick Event (Mouse Right Click) not fired on MacOS

Hi all, we are implementing a Script Editor, based on Prosemirror. We added a context menu (mouse-right-click). Idea is: when user right-clicks in a node, we can do certain actions from the menu.

The problem that we have is, that for some reason, only under MacOS, on all browsers, the HandleClick Event is not fired towards our plugin that is supposed to catch it.

At Windows, on all browsers, the event works perfectly.

Do you have an idea of what could be the problem with the MacOS?

Greetz, Pavel

For people that encounter the same problem . In my case I need to open a context menu when a specific mark is right clicked and on macOS I can’t catch the right click event with the handleClick or handleClickOn functions.So I did an event listener in the HandleDOMEvents object for ‘contextmenu’ and did the logic there.