How to check if a node is allowed?

Is there a way to check if a node A is allowed in a node B?

I know there is allowsMarkType method but can’t find a allowsNodeType.


how about validContent(content: Fragment) → bool

Best Frederik

Thank you for your answer. Indeed, it could work. But not convinient.

My question is misleading: I would test if a node type is allowed, instead of a node.

There’s no single answer to ‘can this node type appear in this node’, since content expression can, for example, allow a single such node it at the start of the parent node, but not later on (as in "heading paragraph*").

You can create a content match with contentMatchAt or contentMatch to get the match at the start, from a type. And then call matchType on that to figure out whether a given node type is allowed at that point.

Okay, thank you, that makes sense!