How to modify Node Attributes - change the class on a paragraph

Some ways related to my previous question. Let say we have

<p class="text-red ProseMirror-selectednode">
Vivamus rhoncus justo vitae sem consequat, 
ac tristique neque maximus. Etiam et sapien vel ipsum tincidunt iaculis. Nullam sed purus mi. Morbi eu vestibulum augue, at dignissim metus.

Notice that the node is selected because it has ProseMirror-selectednode class.

So I can get the selected node by

const selectedNode = view.state.selection.node

How do I go from here ? How do I set the paragraph class to read “text-red ProseMirror-selectednode” ?

Thank you !


TL;DR this is in the guide section here with an actual example :slight_smile:

Blockquote setNodeMarkup is a method that can be used to change the type or set of attributes for the node at a given

Look into setNodeMarkup.

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