How to put a node into inline content?


Is it possible to create a node within a part of an other node? For example:

from: <p>aaabbbccc</p>
to:   <p>aaa<blockquote>bbb</blockquote>ccc</p>

I only would like to blocknote the text ‘bbb’, but it does not seem to work because he is blockquoting the whole block ‘p’. But is it possible to put a node into a inline content? I tried many functions to realize this (for example: tr.wrap, wrapIn cmd, wrapInList cmd, toggleMark does not work here, because ‘blocknote’ is not a mark))

I know this works with ‘toggleMark’ and change blockquote to ‘mark’, but I was curious if it works when both nodes (‘p’ and ‘blockquote’) are from type ‘note’.

I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.

Blockquote, at least in the basic schema, is a block node, which no, you can not put in inline content.

Ah ok, thanks! I just changed my block_quote to inline (inline: true, group: “inline”) But how do I manage to wrap a part of the textnode from p into this blockquote?

You generally shouldn’t wrap stuff in inline nodes – if you want to style inline stuff, marks are much easier to work with.