I want to liftListItem() with Backspace but it doesn't work

I’m working with prosemirror-schema-list to add bullet list functionality. There’s one aspect of the schema-list-item behavior that seems odd to me. When you press the Backspace key at the beginning of the second list item, it merges this child node with the preceding list item. ezgif-5-6662de1068

What I want to happen is for the list item to become a separate paragraph node when I press Backspace . I thought I had this working until I pressed Backspace again, moving the cursor to the end of the previous list item. Surprisingly, this action recreated the list item node. with command

Could you review my Backspace key command and offer any suggestions for resolving this issue?

Backspace: (state, dispatch) => {
  if (
    state.selection.empty &&
    state.selection.$anchor.parentOffset === 0 &&
    state.selection.anchor !== 1
  ) {
    const node = state.doc.nodeAt(state.selection.$anchor.pos - 2)

    if (node && node.type.name === this.name) {
      return liftListItem(this.schema.nodes[this.name])(state, dispatch)

  return false

Did you ensure the return value of liftListItem is true?