I would to translate ProseMirror Guide to Japanese

Hello! I’m developing a product with ProseMirror.

I’m trying to translate the ProseMirror Guide to Japanese. I thought that if Japanese Developers could read the docs in their native language to help them better understand the ProseMirror concept.

May I post this? Also, let me know if there’s anything I should do before posting! @marijn

  • I’m going to post this on https://zenn.dev, a Japanese tech media. This is synced to GitHub and can be changed based on Pull Requests, so if something is misrepresented, the community can change it.
  • I have now finished writing the overall Japanese translation and are in the process of making minor adjustments to make it more readable as Japanese.

Thanks for a great library!


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thanks for response! published here: ProseMirror Guide(日本語訳)