Improving performance (loading on scroll)

Hey :wave:

I’m a PM and not a dev, but had a question regarding prosemirror.

Our current editor (a custom version of quill) crashes with larger documents and don’t have great performance.

We’re currently investigating building a new editor and due to performance reasons we’re looking at not loading the full dom on document load and lazy-loading content on scroll.

This would also increase the speed in which users can view content instead of waiting for all the content to load before they can edit or view the top of a page.

Is anything like this possible with prosemirror?

Thank you :pray:

ProseMirror doesn’t do viewporting. It may be possible to implement something like that on top of it but I’m not aware of anybody who’s doing that.

Thanks so much @marijn! And I assume that’s the only way to not load the full dom on load?

The library puts the entire document in the DOM, yes.