Inserting or typing at bottom of document

Is there any way to enter content at the bottom of the document? I can’t click there to type or insert anything currently. Does document need some sort of trailing hack which always keeps an empty defaultTextBlock at the bottom?

You can put the cursor at the end of the last paragraph and press enter? I’m not sure what else you are hoping for.

The issue arises when the last node in the doc is non-editable or when two non-editable nodes are together and I want to type between. I think I may have to process enter for these nodes.

Is the last node in your document selectable? If so, select it and press enter, you’ll get an empty paragraph after it.

It is selectable but clicking on it won’t select it. I have code to modify it which selects it but enter is ignored. Where in your code does this happen? I suspect some of my code is interfering.

BTW, I have a couple of widgets (iframe and spreadsheet) where the behavior you indicate does work.

Answered my own question: createParagraphNear. I had some paragraphs internal to the node which interfered. I was able to append a paragraph after any node that didn’t have one if enter was pressed on a selected node.