Issue with nodeViews on nodes with text* as content


I have created a nodeView for a node type with content: text*. I also set the contentDOM in the constructor of the view mapping it to a created div. Editing the text works. So far so good, but when delete the whole text content, the view will not be rendered and input text not updating the view doc anymore.

Looking at the view doc, the node exists but no text node is set in the content.

This is the schema node definition

    export const MetaTableRowBasic = {
        group: 'metaTableRow',
        draggable: false,
        content: 'text*',
        toDOM: () => ['div', {
        	class: 'meta-table-row-basic'
        }, 0]

This is the view constructor

	constructor(node, view, parent) {

		// document node representing this view
		this.node = node;

		// parent vue component
		this.parent = parent;

		// parent editor view
		this.view = view;

		this.dom = this.contentDOM = document.createElement('div');

Any idea what is going wrong here? Thx for reply.

No. Reducing it to the minimal script that reproduces the problem might help isolate this.