Minor bug? css vs style

In the definition of selectParentBlock you use the style attribute for icon:

defineCommand("selectParentBlock", {
  label: "Select parent node",
  run(pm) {
    let node = nodeAboveSelection(pm)
    if (!node) return false
  select(pm) {
    return nodeAboveSelection(pm)
  menuGroup: "block", menuRank: 90,
  icon: {text: "\u2b1a", style: "font-weight: bold; vertical-align: 20%"},
  key: "Esc"

It is ignored if I try to use it. However the attribute css does work and that is what the getIcon uses.

export function getIcon(name, data) {
  let node = document.createElement("div")
  node.className = "ProseMirror-icon"
  if (data.path) {
    if (!svgBuilt[name]) buildSVG(name, data)
    let svg = node.appendChild(document.createElementNS(SVG, "svg"))
    svg.style.width = (data.width / data.height) + "em"
    let use = svg.appendChild(document.createElementNS(SVG, "use"))
    use.setAttributeNS(XLINK, "href", "#pm-icon-" + name)
  } else {
    node.textContent = data.text
    if (data.css) node.style.cssText = data.css
  return node

Should data.css be data.style instead?