Mod-\` Key Binding does not work in Chrome and Firefox on Mac

I tested in the demo on ProseMirror homepage.

It does work as expected in Safari. Unless this is an issue just in my setup, it might make sense to change the shortcut in the prosemirror example setup. But unfortunately then it will get less consistent with Markdown and the other Marks key shortcuts.

And has anybody an idea what is Mod-` supposed to do in those browsers ?

I’m not attached to the Mod-` binding at all – I’m not aware of any convention for applying code font, and finding key combos that don’t conflict with anything is hard, but if anyone has a suggestion I’m interested.

Command-` cycles windows on the Mac (` is above Tab in some keyboard layouts). If you disable/reassign this shortcut in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Keyboard, then you can use it in CodeMirror in Chrome or Firefox. (Chrome only seems to notice the change on startup, so you need to restart it).

Also mentioned here:

Looks like main solution will be to use a different key :frowning: