Performance Implications of Numerous Plugins

Hello fellow programmers,

I am starting the process of building a toolbar that could be constructed by either (A) using numerous plugins to encapsulate the functionality for each button (only as necessary, bold/italic/etc., are simple and do not require a specific plugin), or (B) using initialization code that composes the functionality required for each button into a single plugin.

My question is: should I bother building a system that minimizes the number of plugins? Is the incremental cost of a plugin so minor that it shouldn’t be a concern? I would prefer to use numerous plugins but only if the performance costs are acceptable. Thanks.

Every prop access will iterate through plugins, but I don’t expect this to become a factor until you have a ridiculous number of them. As always with performance concerns, you’ll get better answers from setting up a benchmark than from guessing.

Great, thanks for your answer Marijn.