Problems with PM TypeScript typings

Hey, has anyone else had problems with typings lately?

Installing the latest type definitions and packages, somehow PM arrives at an incompatible set of packages but it’s hard to say exactly what causes what.

What I believe is happening, is that prosemirror-state types resolve to an incompatible version of prosemirror-model which conflict with the main prosemirror-model types package. It’s quite confusing and I wondered if others have noticed that same.

A fix might be to upgrade the @types/prosemirror-model dependency definitions to a range that avoids the misbehaving versions eg: "@types/prosemirror-model": ">=1.12.0", as the version is currently a wildcard.

EDIT: It might have been just that. Adding a resolution to the package.json:

  "resolutions": {
    "@types/prosemirror-model": "~1.13.0"

seemed to have fixed it. And to be exact, I think the conflicting @types/prosemirror-model version was 1.7.2.