Prosemirror as a specification?

I develop in VueJS these days. While I think ProseMirror is an excellent tool in principal, many of the notions it brings into play with its core modules seem to operate in parrallel to those of VueJS (e.g. prosemirror-state and vuex). I’m tempted to investigate how the concepts of ProseMirror could be reconciled in VueJS (rather than simply bolting the one onto the other as per existing NPM modules). It feels like, as well as being an awesome tool chain, it would be worth abstracting ProseMirror into an HTML-JS-RTEditor specification in its own right (as with those of - for example - JS Promises and JS Factories). What do others think? Have I missed something or am I right in thinking such a specification basically doesn’t exist?

Specs are great, in principle, but a lot of work. Some parts of ProseMirror, such as the way replace steps are synthesized for complex structural replacements, and to a lesses extent the parser algorithm, are really complicated, so this wouldn’t be a small, straightforward kind of spec. But if someone wants to work on that, that might be interesting.

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