ProseMirror Cookbook

In my quest of learning PM I’ve found that the examples on this forum have been very helpful at complementing the official docs. I thought it would be a good idea to compile short recipes with the only purpose of learning PM fu.

Here’s the repo:

Don’t hesitate to PR with fixes or new recipes.

I’m a PM novice and I’m sure the examples are probably not the best way to do things, so I’ll be updating the repo as I advance in my PM journey.

Hopefully these examples will be helpful to someone.



Wonderful initiative!


Looks great. I hope the community contributes to it. Does not seem to be active anymore, but I will add some if I can.

I’m not using ProseMirror anymore which is why I stopped adding examples.

Don’t hesitate to PR or fork though!

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What else do you use now?

I tried other libraries like Quill, etc. The only other library other than ProseMirror I liked was Slate. It’s much easier to work with than PM but the code is not mature yet and it’s only for React which might be a deal breaker for some since it couples the editor with the rendering and data layer.

I feel PM is a better long term bet as it’s more mature and you have more flexibility but it’s quite low level compared to other libraries.

Ultimately the project I was working on that needed rich text, custom blocks, etc, was dropped and I didn’t invest more time in it.

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So I’m back at using ProseMirror again and I’ve been updating my cookbook with more examples!

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