ProseMirror Plugin for Mentions & Hashtags

I’ve replied to a couple of threads regarding @mention functionality, but I guessed a separate “show” post would be more appropriate and google friendly.


prosemirror-mentions is a fully packed plugin. It comes with all batteries included: default dropdown UI, behavior handling, support for async fetching of suggestions, etc. Configure options to suit your needs.

I could use feedback, issue reports or pull requests from the community. Thanks.


Very nice! Thanks for releasing it as open source.

Wow! This is a bit what I was hoping someone would do, eventually, how great :slight_smile:

And even better — since you did both @mentions and #hash tags in the same plugin :slight_smile:.

Yes thanks for realeasing as open source … Now I can use it in my open source project, … later on when integrating with ProseMirror.

Nice demo you’ve added on the GitHub page that shows how it works.

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Has anyone dealt with TypeScript support yet?

I have just released a similar library which has typescript called prosemirror-autocomplete. There is a minimal UI similar to prosemirror-mentions in the demo folder, you can see a live demo here.