Prosemirror-view + prosemirror-mentions for Android Google Chrome, show mentions without delay, on key input

Hi guys, my current solution working fine for ios and desktops, I input “@s” and I immediately see mentions block, but when I input “@something” on Android device it activating mentions container just on “space” click or after 5000ms inactivity delay. Also if I continue input after 5000ms it duplicates input section from Android keyboard suggestions. I tried to delete android exception for 5000ms delay in prosemirror-view

" // Drop active composition after 5 seconds of inactivity on Android var timeoutComposition = ? 5000 : -1;"

It fixed my first issue “Show mentions list on input”, but duplication bug became reproducing more often. So I understand why you added this exception.

Could you please help me to resolve “show mentions on input” issue or could you told me more about Android suggestions input specify if you already had an opportunity to discover this issue?

We don’t really know what you’re doing, so it’s hard to help. Are you adding a widget at the cursor? If so, yes, that’s likely to get blocked because the editor can’t touch the DOM around an active composition (which includes pretty much all text input on Android). You might have more luck with an overlaid widget.

I added the video that describes current behavior.

  1. I writing char, but mention block is not triggering on key down, it’s trigger just after 5s inactivity, that described in prosemirror-view package, for android google chrome.
  2. If I continue input after 5s delay it copy text from android keyboard suggestions list.

Also added video from ios and desktop Here you can see that mention block triggered immediately after user input char.

A video doesn’t really help explain how your implementation work. A demo (for example on glitch would probably help more.

Could you please tell, why do you using this exception for android os?

Please see this thread.