Prosemirror vim bindings?


I’m building a markdown editor with Prosemirror and it is awesome so far! Is there someone working on vim key bindings mode (like in Codemirror - or is it planned in future development?

Thank you


I am not planning to write this, but it could work well as a plugin maintained by someone else, so don’t let that discourage you.


I’m also interested in this. Have you started building it @iv-o ?

Any updates on this? This sounds like a super nice plugin… Has anyone found any concrete directions for the development of this?

Would love to see this too.

I started working on a Plugin for ProseMirror(well actually I’m using Tiptap) inspired by CodeMirror Vim example. Right now, it works for basic motion commands like h,l and stuff, but I will be working on supporting VIM in its wholeness.

Oh, and I gave it a name: Vimirror

Demo of master branch: Vimirror

Here’s the repo: GitHub - sereneinserenade/vimirror: VIM for ProseMirror

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Is this helpful ?

That’s a CodeMirror keymap, so it’s unlikely to be much use for ProseMirror.

Is this helpful ?

FYI, new URL:

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