Receiving nodeView update with content not matching schema

Hi, this is a “wild guess” topic…

not sure if it’s something expected, but i have a schema with A accepting as content “B C”.

When i paste a DOM node whose content is correct (parsable as A containing B + C nodes), the A nodeView.update method first receives a node that has only B as parsed prosemirror node content.

EDIT i’m calling update from constructor, maybe it’s not a good idea.

Then a second update call is made with B +C node content.

Somehow i find it weird. I expect only the second update, with correct content, to happen. I am currently trying to find out if this is a bug on my side or not, and my question is “is this expected ?”.

Can you create a minimal code example that shows this happening?

I think it was related to Domobserver / parseRange bug? as now i don’t reproduce it.