Save and Apply/Reuse History

I was wondering what is the best way to go about saving the history?

Is there a way to serialise the history from and then reuse it ?

The idea is that I could save the doc someone is working on and all of it’s history with it to the database (JSON and/or HTML) and reinstate it when needed. Call it as a “snapshot” of the document at the time.

Although I am not sure how useful this would be in real life just playing with the idea.

Any thoughts ?

The history plugin could define an external format for history data and expose a toJSON method that serializes it and a fromJSON method that deserializes. You could then use State.toJSON to save a state including its history data.

But this hasn’t been a convincing enough use case so far for anybody to work on it.

Yes. Having thought about it I am not convinced it wouldn’t be all that useful for me either. At first it seemed like a good idea but I can just store the state or the html in my case and this is good enough for now.

I guess if I was using PM collab features than in scenario when two people work on the same document it could be a nice way of seeing what the other person has done / edited out. Perhaps highlighting the bit of document they worked on. If that is even possible …