Schema for fonts

I need help writing a schema for fonts, that is font-family and font size …

  • should I use Nodes or marks ? In general I am not clear on when to use which ? is there any guideline to know which one is more suitable ?

  • should I use separate nodes/marks for font and size or one for both ? are there any advantages/disadvantages to either way ?

  • what should be the dom element ? a span ?

  • should I get rid of text nodes ? that is, is it better to force _every _ text to have a font and size ?

  • and if so (no plain text), how do I do that and how to set a default/initial font/size ?

  • perhaps there’s a known schema that works for that I can use ?



Hi! Even I was wondering the same Were you able to make progress in this? Would really appreciate if you could help

Thanks :smile:

use marks maybe make deep nesting in dom。 like this:

is there any way to compose attributor which has same tag? thanks.