scrollIntoView works weird when backspace pressed

Hi. I have encountered a weird bug that occurs as follows:

I created a simple ProseMirror editor and made it scrollable.

Then, if I scroll down until the cursor is hidden and press the backspace key, the scroll jiggles sometimes.

My guess is that scrollIntoView method behaves strangely when the backspace key is pressed.

Please refer to the video below for detailed description.

weird scroll operation when backspace pressed

It can be easily reproduced, so I created a simple example here

Could you help me figure out why this happens?

If this issue has already been resolved, please let me know the related solution or issue.

Thank you.

I don’t see what you mean in the video, and I don’t see anything odd happening in the demo you linked. Could you say, in text, a bit more about what you are doing and what is happening that you didn’t expect?

Oh, I’ve found that the problem I wanted to elaborate on was not the problem of the library, but the problem of the trackpad…

I’m terribly sorry for confusing you. There is no problem with the prosemirror.

For your information, the issue I wanted to explain is as follows:

  1. locate the cursor in the text. Anywhere is fine.
  2. scroll down the editor using Trackpad, until the located cursor is hidden.
  3. press the backspace key.
  4. Then, the scroll jiggles.