Select option tag it marge option to one

I am using Kendo editor, I want to allow all HTML input elements in the Editor. Want to allow a select list inside the p tag

below code is working but it marge my all select list option to one

let select = {
  content: "inline*",
  group: "inline",
  inline: true,
  attrs: Object.assign({ name: { default: null } }, commonAttributes()),
  parseDOM: [{ tag: "select", getAttrs: domAttributes }],
  toDOM: (node) =>
      ? ["select", pmAttributes(node.attrs), hole]
      : selectDOM,
nodes = nodes.addToEnd("select", select as any);

const mark: any = {
  option: {
    attrs: Object.assign({
      value: { default: null },
      selected: { default: null },
    inclusive: false,
    excludes: "_",
    spanning: false,
    parseDOM: [{ tag: "option", getAttrs: domAttributes }],
    toDOM: (node) => {
      let data = hasAttrs(node.attrs)
        ? ["option", pmAttributes(node.attrs), hole]
        : optionDOM;
      return data;
marks = schema.spec.marks.append(mark);

I don’t expect browsers will allow users to type inside <select> options. Make the select a leaf node, and manage the options through custom code.

any example for managing options through custom code

Nope. You’ll want to define menu items and/or hotkeys that manipulate the list of options (and probably store them in an attribute on the node).