Setting height and overflow on content won't scroll into view when typing

As mentioned on the guide here adding a height and overflow-y: auto on Prosemirror-content works but when the content exceeds the height of the contenteditable area the content won’t autoscroll as expected.

For a quick repro set height and overflow on any of the demos on the website. Trying pm.scrollIntoView() on change doesn’t help.

Anyone run into this?

This patch should help


Amazing, this patch actually fixed the scrolling problem. Is there going to be any NPM release with fixes soon ?

There’ll be a new release this week (possibly tomorrow).

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That link doesn’t work anymore. Judging by the URL it was probably the equivalent of, but that page doesn’t mention scrolling at all.

Is there an updated URL to that guide? It seems to have contained rather helpful information that I was unable to find. I found my solution by experimenting with CSS and JS but a guide explaining things like that would surely have saved some time.