Strange behaviour creating links

Testing hyperlinks on the basic demo I found the following behavior I don’t understand:

  • If I go on empty line then click ‘Add or remove link’ then enter ‘’ in link type and ‘mylink’ in title then enter nothing happens

    expected a hyperlink with above title and link to appear
  • If I then type, what I type becomes the title

    expected typing after creating a link will be normal text
  • If I select a text and click ‘Add or remove link’ then enter ‘’ in link type and ‘mylink’ in title the text does not change to the given title (it is ignored)

    expected the widget not to offer a title in this case, or to have the selected text disabled as the title

  • If I hover over a link the title is shown in a tooltip

    expected the url to show in a tooltip

  • Hovering over ‘link’ (which is there when loading the example) does not show a tooltip

    expected a tooltip like the other links

  • If I place the cursor inside a link the ‘Add or remove link’ mentu button is correctly highlighted, if I click it the menu button becomes un-highlighted but nothing else happens. I move the mouse out and back to the same position the button is highlighted.

    expected the whole link to become normal text (or second best for the button not to respond if nothing is selected)

  • There is no way to open link on a phone etc where there is no right click would be great to have some widget on hover/click like gmail does


The title attribute is the DOM title, i.e. the hover text.

Links are marks. Other marks work the same – if you en-/disable them, and then move the cursor without typing anything, that state is lost.

Write a plugin.