Strange modifiers() behaviour in prosemirror-keymap

We’re having an issue with our editor which is using prosemirror under the hood. What we want is to have a shortcut “Cmd+Shift+m” to toggle code mark:

Unfortunately this keymap never gets executed. I dived a bit into prosemirror-keymap and got stuck with modifiers() function behaviour especially third argument “shift”. It looks like when we press Cmd+Shift+m, this variable is always equal to false and because of this final modifier is always missing “Shift-”. In our case it’s “Meta-m” while we’re waiting for “Shift+Meta+m”.

Maybe I’m missing smth here and we’re not supposed to use Shift modifiers?

The code is supposed to check for bindings for Cmd-M (note capital M) first, and then try Cmd-Shift-m. Is your w3c-keyname module up to date (1.1.8)?

My bad. This is fixed in w3c-keyname@1.1.8 while it exists in 1.1.7. Thank you for quick answer!