Studbits: part note-taking, part publishing platform

I’m excited to make my first announcement about Studbits–part note-taking, part publishing platform; use it to collect and share what resonates with you.

Prosemirror is what makes Studbits’ editor possible. Really thankful for all your hard work @marijn!

Here’s one way we use Prosemirror, as explained from the post introducing Studbits:

With existing note-taking apps, you can highlight and apply other markup to your notes, but the outcome is always the same — a long page of text; and that’s not enticing to look at. So, rather than treating digital notes as flat pieces of paper, Studbits treats them as the dynamic web pages that they are. Specifically, we allow you to group chunks of related information into “dropdown points.” This feature could be used to present information in a question-and-answer format (similar to the FAQ section of a website), or to progressively summarize and encapsulate information (the result would read similar to a tweet-storm). By doing this, you’re presenting notes in a easily consumable format while also making the note-taking process more interactive.

More resources:

Website -

See what resonates with me -

Introductory post -

Nice concept. If you want to do a tweet that mentions ProseMirror, I’ll gladly retweet from the project account.

(This goes for all ProseMirror-using products, by the way—I’m really happy if you publicly announce the fact that you’re using ProseMirror, as a way to show people the things you can do with it.)

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I made a post on Twitter about it here: