Template based editor with restricted editing

We have used Fidus Writer for a while within Fidus Writer and it has been great for things like collaborative editing. We didn’t really make use of the ability to restrict editing to more than just either write, read, or comment-only for a long time. A few months ago we finally released version 3.6 with template based editing and now version 3.7 is ready which gives end users direct access to editing their own templates. Our templates make use of ProseMirror’s transaction filter system to allow editing only of certain parts of documents. See this tutorial video:

Nice! Did you come up with a solution for handling transactions that touch both editable and uneditable parts of the document?

No. I’m not sure what the best solution would be for that. Currently it simply cancels the transaction if it includes any changes to any of the non-editable parts. That’s probably not right for cases such as CTRL+A + Backspace.