The new insert menu

The insert menu is a big improvement. The upgrade removed a chunk of my code.

Since I have about 15 items on it now, I created a couple dividers to make it manageable. One looks like:

export class Content extends NodeType {}
Content.register("command", "insert", { run(pm) { return false }})
Content.register("insertMenu", "main", {label: "Content Types", command: "insert", rank: 69})

This seems a bit kludgy but does the job for now. I don’t know if a better solution is to have multiple insert menus or some other mechanism.

I was thinking of adding support for submenus, since yes, this’ll get huge in more complicated schemas. Would that solve your problem?

Sure but I wouldn’t make it a top priority. I can live with what I have now. Rearchitecting the menu system might be a higher priority (and tables!)

I forgot about this thread, but just wanted to add a note that since 0.3.0 there is support for (crude) submenus.