Turn off parent node selection

Is there a way to disable the Cmd/Ctrl+Click selection of the parent node?

No. What’s the reason for wanting to do that?

In short, it will confuse my users. It would likely be an accident if they Ctrl+Click on something, but then when a blue rectangle appears on the page they will be confused by it. This is a little thing, but still a thing.

The app I’m using ProseMirror in is a book/novel-writing app. Google Docs or MS Word style editing-on-a-page. You can check it out https://www.dabblewriter.com/demo/ (which I will post in the Show category now also). This feature makes sense for people doing HTML editing, such as on a website, but for word-processor style editing it is unexpected.

Thanks for the answer.

That feature is not about HTML editing (which isn’t really a use case for ProseMirror), but about structured text editing in general. Unless your schema is extremely simple (no block leaf nodes at all), you’ll probably need this to support certain editing actions. Even Google Docs has a feature somewhat like it (click a list marker, for example).

I do suspect your users will be able to figure out what a selected node means—this isn’t some weird mode that they get stuck in, since cursor motion will still work, and continuing to type will replace the selected node in a rather observable way.

That being said, more configurability around mouse actions would be a good thing, but it’s not something that’s currently supported.