Wax a configurable editor with React

Hello ProseMirror community,

At Coko we are building an editor to replace the one we have for our book publishing app, which is build against an older version of substance. We made the decision to move to prosemirror quite some time ago but only recently we had the time to start building.

You can find wax-prosemirror code on github here or on our gitlab page.

It’s build with React, styled-components and inversifyjs.

The above libraries were chosen as we had the need to create a manageable and extendable layer around prosemirror in order to support our various uses cases. Service Providers along with react’s lifecylce provided just that.

Some documentation already exists but needs quite some extra work along with detailed examples.

It’s still on early stages, but the main API is there ,so any comments, feedback, is much appreciated.


Wonderful! Thanks for posting that.