What is the preferred method? External Plugins, External Mods

I’d like to have a loosely coupled system with files loaded at run time for differences in functionality.

Based on current web standards. Inside a web page.

I’d like to have one base ProseMirror compiled file. That I create once.

And I’d like to have loosely coupled loaded at run time external plugins or module files that I can focus on and compile totally separately from the ProseMirror compiled file that the ProseMirror compiled code js file will incorporate and use.

Possible? Is their a standard? Will I be able to?

I’d like to keep my ProseMirror plugins or mods distinctly outside of the ProseMirror compiled file/code base. Possible?

Our system is mostly web based. Loosely coupled. Loaded at run time/page load. Adding or subtracting files for functionality during run time/page load for use.

Thanks for any thoughts/discussions.