Why esc not fire handleKeydown immediately?

i am a bit confused about the keydown of “esc”. when press esc, the editor blurs but nothing else happens, if continue press esc, it will fire handleKeydown in my plugin which is what i expected…

is the blur from esc event by default ?

i checked all discuss about Escape, i do used baseKeymap from prosemirror-commands as blow:

public keys() {
    return mappedKeys: Record = {
      ...mapObject(baseKeymap, (key, value) => [

but i checked the return value of keymap( collectedKeys from all my plugins ), it has no “Escape” at all. is there anything i am doing wrong ? thanks

I guess you failed to load the editor’s CSS, so you’re not seeing the node selection created by the default binding for escape. And given that your handler is fired in the end, that suggests that it is bound after the default handler, so its precedence is lower.

wow !!! did not think in that direction, my bad. i’ll try, thx a lot. prosemirror is awesome!