A character buffered for Hiragana-conversion is flushed in a table cell

When I type Japanese characters in a table cell, sometimes the first buffered character is flushed. For example, when I want to input “ま”, I type M-A. Hiragana-conversion system buffers the first M and convert it to “ま” when I type the next A. But in a table cell, sometimes it produces “mあ”.


To reproduce the issue, add a listener to input[type=“text”] that copies its value on typing.


The image below shows the expected behavior.


There’s some cells behave as expected. I want to find out the difference.

I found it occurs on every contenteditable table and this is a browser issue, not ProseMirror. https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=829224

Thanks for reporting that on the Chrome tracker. Hopefully it’ll get a reaction.

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