Acessing drag events

Hi there! So, I’ve got an app using TipTap, which is of course ProseMirror under the hood, and I have a feature I’ve been banging away at to little avail. I’m trying to capture the text drag event so that my user can drag text from the editor to another element in the UI and drop a ‘note’ automatically there. So for example, you’re writing fiction, you describe a new character (there is another feature built on mentions that lets you tag and create a new character) and you highlight that descriptive text and drag it over to the story bible ui and drop it on the new character. That character gets a ‘note’ with the note content = dragged text.

I have tried capturing the selection and setting it to state in a higher up context, but the problem is that when you begin your drag/drop interaction in prosemirror, by default it seems to restrict your valid drop targets to the editor itself, so that you can of course re-arrange text as expected in most modern text editors.

I need to override that behavior so that I can register onMouseOver and onMouseUp events over the target dom nodes. Currently, mouseOver doesn’t even register if I’m dragging text from inside the editor. I beleive that I"m correct in thinking that this is prosemirror behavior, as opposed to tiptap behavior.

So the question then is can I override that behavior and if so where do I find the documentation regarding that?