Allow non specified schema elements for children

Related to the image svg issue i talk about here Cant get svg image to render

is there a way to register a node and schema for the svg element and then when the node is rendered i get the inner content of the node “children” somehow and put in the render function.

I was inspecting the node object for a deep svg html but i could only find the first level svg element and attributes, i could never get the children. The ideas to do this is to not need to specify the schema for every possible element and attribute on the svg schema. and only have the top svg element registered as a schema. Any tips or ideas on how to accomplish this so that prosemirror dosent strip out the non registered schema html elements

See my reply in the other thread. Basically, no, but you could make the node a leaf node, and put its markup in an attribute, which it then spits out when rendered. Making it support editing would require further custom code, though.