Android firefox enter key behavior insert one space character instead of new paragraph

Hi, Thank to maker for this great editor. It is really impressive.

In android firefox browser (latest), when enter key is pressed, it does not insert a new paragraph.

Instead it inserts one space (’ '), and does not change line, not trigger key handle event (basic enter key binding)

It happens in prose mirror basic example.

In this video, I typed “hi” and pressed enter, it adds one space (’ ') and does not move to next paragraph. If I press enter again, it moves to next paragraph but same thing happens.

Is there anyone who has same problem like me?

and want to know how to solve this behavior.

That isn’t happening (for me) on, for example,, so you’re going to have to be a bit more specific about your setup (a schema that doesn’t allow multiple blocks might have this effect, I think).

Thank you for the reply.

I investigated more and it happens in other content editable too. So it is not the library related issue.

It worked normally only when I turn off G-board option’s Show suggestion strip, Auto-correction, Spell check.

I think g-board in android firefox stop enter event in content editable with some reason. (it works well in normal text area) Only when I press enter twice it works adding a new paragraph.

If it only happens to my device (xiaomi), it may be no issue.